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is formulated combination of wetting agents, penetrating agents, emulsifiers and solvents designed to provide an economical, effective and safe degreasing system, particularly suitable for automotive components. It is not suitable for heavy carbon removal.

Gre Solve has been carefully developed to avoid the problems associated with emulsifying degreasers. It works by dispersing oil and grease particles rather than emulsifying them with the rinse water. This technique enables rapid and complete separation of the oil from the water. The chemical goes into the oil phase, thus leaving the water phase clean from chemical and oil. The oil phase can be reclaimed or burned without any interference from the chemical, and oil/water separators can work to maximum capacity.

APPLICATIONS: Automobile, motorcycle and all mechanical degreasing, preservative wax removal, industrial equipment degreasing, removal of heavy grease and oil, contaminated concrete floors (not suitable for cleaning tarseal or asphalt). A solvent is ultrasonic cleaning machines, cleaning off and dissolving tar or bitumen and typewriter cleaning. For degreasing operations which cannot be followed by a water rinse, i.e. electrical components, Electromate is recommended.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The product can be used either for spray, brush-on application or in a tank for soak cleaning.

1. Spray or Brush-On:
Gre Solve
is applied liberally to parts to be cleaned and allowed to stand for about five (5) minutes. The article is then hosed down with a strong jet of water.

2. Tank Application:
The article is allowed to soak for at least fifteen (15) minutes (overnight can be an advantage). It is then removed, drained and hosed off with a jet of water. Avoid adding water to the soak tank from the hose and cover with a rain proof lid if the tank is sited in the open. Some water intake is tolerated but too much will spoil the product’s cleaning characteristics.

3. Preservative Wax Removal:
(i)  Ensure that the surface to be de-waxed is dry and cool. Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot paintwork cool to below 300 C before application of Gre Solve.
(ii)  Apply liberally to the wax and dirt surface by spray to avoid scratch marks on the paint. Allow to stand for 5-  10 minutes.
(iii)  Rinse off using a jet of water.
(iv)  Dry the vehicle.
(v)  Clean up any remaining wax by repeating above procedure or using a clean swab soaked in Gre Solve.
(vi)  Rinse off using a jet of water.
(vii) Follow up by using EnviroChem’s ENVIRO SAFE for a premium washed and residue free surface.

 4. Concrete Cleaning:
(i)   Apply to concrete. Allow two (2) to three (3) minutes to soak in.
(ii)  Scrub with a yard broom or other stiff brush.
(iii)  Hose down with water.

Freight (Metro Melbourne Only)